Celebrating a special day.

  • 17Aug
  • The finished framed dress.

  • Getting the right layout.

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Celebrating a special day - a framing challange.

How to celebrate your big day and treasure that special memory – easy, have it framed! We were honoured to be trusted by one customer who asked us to frame her wedding dress. It was literally one of our biggest framing challenges to date – but one that the Gallery43 team rose to with style!

Our customer wanted to achieve a casual look as if the dress had just been stepped out of and jewellery taken off and not forgetting the groom with the matching shirt and tie.

The dress was carefully laid out on the mountboard and when the desired look had been achieved it was all carefully held in place with some well placed invisible stitches. The whole thing was then framed in a bespoke distressed silver box frame, with perspex used instead of glass.

Perspex was a good choice for this project as the finished piece was 160cm x 120 cm so using perspex reduced the weight considerably – an important consideration when hanging large items on the wall, as well as for safety issues when handling such a large piece.

All work was carried out by the Gallery43 team in our upstairs workshop to conservation standards using quality materials and using traditional methods that are fully reversible.

The customer was thrilled with the finished work and it is now displayed on her wall alongside some photos as a permanent reminder of their special day.

If you have a similar project in mind why not come in and see us. We are always happy to talk projects through to find the right framing solution for you and to offer a free no obligation quote so you too can have a treasured memory preserved in this way.

The pictures show the finished framed dress as well as some of the work in progress, achieving the right layout and stitching into place.

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