JJ Adams summer release Kensington Party.

  • 21Jul
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New JJ Adams work released today. Wishbone publishing wrote We are dropping a little JJ release out of the Blue this afternoon to headline this evenings Press & VIP opening of the amazing “HYDE” venue in Kensington. Having JJ and Wishbone curate on the venue’s artistic install over the past months has now been fully completed and we couldn’t be happier with the result. All artworks are either loaned installation pieces or bespoke adapted commission works. The best reaction has been from the public showcasing of the Star Wars character themed lightbox originals, which although privately commissioned in the start of 2015 for the venues new owners, were only finished and delivered in August of last year and as you can probably see for yourselves, were the direct inspiration for the amazing 80’s based “Surgery” collection by JJ released in October last year. Although we have already received numerous enquiries, as per the agreement with the clients last year, we will not be releasing any limited editions prints of these pieces at all.  Please fine below some great images of the new location and the inclusion of various bespoke instillation pieces such as the suits of armour, the throne and bespoke JJ themed (fully working) Roulette table. It all looks pretty amazing and anyone is welcome to visit.
The only work available will be limited edition prints of Kensington Party which was born from JJ’s idea to commemorate both the Palace itself (situated directly opposite the HYDE venue on Kensington High Street) and to tie in with his famous “Rule Britannia” Portfolio. Although the image looks quite “post-apocalyptic” at first, the meaning behind the piece is that there is actually a party going on in the Palace itself regardless of the woes of what’s going on in the world around them.
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