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Artist Limited Edition Original Painting Art

Artist : Marc Sephton

From a young age Marc has always been artistic and throught the years has experimented with various mediums including graphic design, photography, print  and painting. Marc's creativity also extends to music where writing and playing his own pieces have taken him to many places around the world. Marc is always looking for the wonder and beauty in everything from the smallest flower to the tallest skyscraper.

More recently Marc has experimented producing pieces using reclaimed items, painting onto glass and working with light. Working directly onto glass is a challenge as each piece is worked in reverse. Layers are important and sometimes more paint gets taken off than what stays on!

the layering of film cells makes a very interesting and unique background to work with..'taking old items or items that might not have been used any more and giving them a new life is very exciting'.

Marc's latest works use light boxes and original film cells as backing with a silhouetted image to the fore as can be seen in his latest James Bond piece - 'Live and Let Die'.

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  • MarcSephton,Live and Let Die,Gallery43, Moulsham Street, Chelmsford
    Live and Let Die
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    Live and Let Die

    Live and Let Die is an original work by Marc Sephton using original film cells with a silhouette of James Bond painted on the glass in the foreground illuminated in a light box.

    This is an original one off piece.

    This work is framed in black and you need to access to a plug in order to illuminate the light box and fully appreciate the film cells in the background.