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Artist Limited Edition Original Painting Art

Artist : Fe Feyance

Fé Fayence is a German based ceramic designer from Cologne.

After her initial training as a ceramist in Landshut in Bavaria Fé went on to study and travel in France. After a summer working in the Uigg Pottery on the Isle of Skye Fé returned to Germany to complete her studies, graduating from the Technical School of Ceramics in Höhr-Grenzhausen as a certified ceramic designer.

Since 2014 Fé has been a full time self employed ceramic designer exhibiting her work both in Germany and the UK.

Fé's latest collection is inspired by the grace and rhythmic movement of giraffes, particularly the way they move and interact as a herd and how each animal is distinguished by its individual coat pattern. This is carried through in the different designs of the vessels imitating the giraffe in the way individual pieces communicate in loose association, being camouflaged without loosing entirely their own character.


All pieces have been hand thrown from stoneware clay and fired at 1250° to make them dishwasher safe.

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  • FeFeyance,Giraffe Vases,Gallery43, Moulsham Street, Chelmsford
    Giraffe Vases
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    Giraffe Vases
    £From £234

    Giraffe Vases by ceramisist Fe Feyance are inspired by the grace and movement of Giraffes walking across the savannah. Each vase has a unique pattern as do real life griaffes and vary in size between 46 and 52 cm tall.